So having been told by the Tatton Show organisers that they were short of privateer entries for their June show, & to apply in lieu of our usual club stand… I got rejected!
It is with great regret that we have to decline your kind offer to display your 1997, Marcos, Mantis. We have received such an overwhelming response from people who would like to display their vehicle at the show that we are full to capacity and cannot accept any more.

And on my birthday too! 😭🙄😢.

On the bright side… at least four of the other Marcos owners have been accepted so at least there will be a Marcos presence.

Chilly at Tatton

Today get the A/C fixed ‘cos it is super-heating the air atm! Mobile maestro turns up & immediately impresses by squirting Ghostbusters Ectoplasm everywhere to identify if there is a leak! Bleurgh! Then he susses out where it is & replaces the old gaskets (apparently the green, imported ones are the only ones to use). When he tests it to check out it’s all OK he measures an air temp down to minus two!!! The second lowest he’s ever seen, after a specially converted Land Rover destined for Safari work in Africa. Coooooool car! Also went to the Classic Car Spectacular & Autojumble at Tatton Park. Lots of wicked cars but no Marcos in sight! Worse, there are LOADS of TVRs. Erk! Had a quick word with the organiser, Stuart, but got told it was too late to enter a car for the Sunday. <Mutter>. There is another one in August though, so I’ll try & sort that one out. Tonnes of people oggling the Mantis in the carpark though, which bodes well.