Having had the battery charger on for a full day, tried to start the Mantis (to look for mice! No, really…). Alarm LED was working. Second hand on clock moving, so definitely power. And…

Nothing. Bugger. 😫 The mice are happy though! 🤣

So something is draining the battery within a day, or the battery has had it. (Not expected as Optima Red Top, less than three years old). Ho hum. 🤔

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Something rude

… was what I was thinking of putting as a title. So, having run the car in the garage yesterday for about 10 mins I decided to do an ‘essentials’ shop out to Costco today and it wouldn’t start. Some power still but just a click when hitting the engine start button.

I am getting mighty pissed off with how unreliable the car has become.

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