These boots are made for drivin’

It’s a funny old world! The Bridgestones have worn a fair bit, & I was thinking how nice it would be to replace them before Le Mans, but I can’t really afford it . I tried them because they were the tyre fitted to all the Mantis, including the GTs, by the factory, however they have not ‘wowed’ me. Mind you, Marcos fitted the SO2s & I was only able to source the SO3s, which do not seem to have been received as well (& by people a lot more knowledgeable than me!) So… Saturday saw the end-of-season bash with my Hockey side, which this year we spent at Heywood Races, where bizarrely I won a grand by betting on some chap because he was wearing our team colours (red/black)! Coo! Anyway, Saturday night saw some winnings back into the kitty (all drunk now!), but I have just got back from Blackpool where the rest of my ill gotten gains were blown on a new set of tyres! (Blown? Tyres? Geddi… oh never mind). I have decided to try some Goodyear F1 ZRs, which I got fitted by Performance Wheel Supplies, up in Blackpool. A bit if a trek, but most tyre people are buggers with your wheels, however this outfit seem to have a very good reputation with the TIPEC folks. I got a reasonable price I think & they were careful with my wheels, but for £650 I was a bit disappointed they didn’t throw in metal valve stems!