Day… whatever of Covid-19 lock down & the car still not moving (electrics) but thinking ahead to when it is. I am hoping there will be some decent weather left, so… how to improve the cooling on the car? I keep coming back to something Dave Chivers mentioned last year, that when mesh was fitted to the front radiator vents (nostrils of the Dragon!?) the factory saw a 10 degree increase in engine temperature. Yikes!

Although I have increased the size of the holes in the mesh at least twice since I have owned the car, I am going to try the largest mesh I can find. This is black aluminium mesh from Simoni Racing – not cheap but hopefully it will make a difference.

Mesh black aluminium 100x30 cm wide

Just waiting for the postie now to see what it looks like offered up. Then to get it fitted of course, as I don’t have the gunk or tools to cut & replace the current mesh at home.