A day at the races

Today was Gold Cup day at Oulton Park. This is now our North West Marcos event, having superseded Tatton Park following the idiocy of Mortons. Six cars made it in the end. It is more of a meet up than an opportunity for the public to see the cars together (which is a sha… I thought they looked awesome lined up, with so different models).

The forecast was intermittent rain & indeed I left home in the drizzle (top down, obviously 😁). Met up with the Morrisons at Lymm Truckstop then took the scenic route to the circuit. Despite a plot number on the vehicle display ticket, it was a complete free for all, & with the LM500 not very happy we just parked up near the conference building. Needless to say the good old Met Office ballsed it up again & the sun was soon beating down. Alas, I was too busy chatting to the other Marcos owners & watching a bit of racing, so with no sun cream with me, am now suitably beetroot faced. D’oh! Lovely to catch up with people though. I really must find someone to do the rear diff seal…

Oulton Park Gold Cup

Bertie & I went to The Gold Cup at  Oulton Park today, having been invited to bring the Marcos Mantis along & show it on the SP Automotive stand.


We enjoyed watching the races & were delighted to find a battle worn Marcos GT competing in one of the races. It didn’t finish particularly highly (lots of faster TVR Vixens) but that might have been because the owner had come straight from the airport having just flown in from South Africa! Nice lifestyle!


The car got a good amount of attention on the SP Automotive stand, & we got free entrance tickets… so everyone was happy. Huzzah!