Diff fix and, erm, an 8,456 mile service

Time to get the worn differential fixed & try improving the heat dissipation from the LS3 engine. And I know just the man for the job, almost just round the corner too! 😎 Well, kind of!

I headed off this morning to drop the Mantis off with Jay at Chariots near Lewes in East Sussex. A mere 260 miles away but hey, we’re in the middle of the hottest summer since ’76 so that should make for a lovely drive… What could possibly go wrong!

Debris on the motorway added a little time but it was the endless bloody 50mph speed restrictions that put another 90 minutes on the journey. 😡 However, I arrived in beautiful sunshine under a clear blue sky so all was well (despite the nearside door mysteriously opening on the A27 roundabout 😯).

Always a pleasure to catch up with Jay, & having talked through the job list (which, strangely, grew as we talked!) we had a quick look at his Mantis before he kindly dropped me off at the station. I will come back down to collect the car in a couple of weeks, & looking forward to seeing some new holes in the bonnet. No, really! Watch this space…