Power to the People

Today I took the Mantis to the 2009 CHOLMONDELEY PAGEANT OF POWER. This is only its second year, but already an impressive event. Lots of Bugattis(!) but also tanks, helicopters, inshore powerboats, so hopefully not too boring for the family & with a bit of luck this will become the third annual car show for the Mantis & I, as it’s reasonably local being in Cheshire. Roger Garland from the Mini Marcos Owners Club had arranged a Marcos stand, & although the Mini-Marcos were in the minority, he had still mustered a good turnout! The weather went bad towards the end of the day, & although I left the stand with the hood down, even I had to admit defeat a few minutes later when, in queuing traffic to leave, there was standing water inside the car underneath the handbrake! D’oh! One of those very British heavy showers, & about ten minutes later we were able to pull over, drop the hood & everything was dry as a bone a few miles down the road. Result!