Alternator Ulster

Alternator light has been flickering away last couple of days. Yet another area of the car that I know bugger all about. Have found a high output version in the States but no idea if I actually need a new one or if it’s battery not even a loose cable. Not ideal but at least I can still drive &  weather is truely awesome 😎

Summer must be here… off to Tatton Park

Another 10+ turnout for the first of this year’s car shows at Tatton Park in Cheshire, my local show & one I’m always happy to support. It didn’t rain but no-one needed the Factor 50 either. The stand was next to the Triumph Stags, and away from the treeline in a more central spot this year which was welcome as more people come past. The Mantis scrubbed up well but as in previous years it was very hard to compete with some of the older cars that have been restored & polished to a lovely sheen. With the Mantis in regular use it’s never going to be a concours winner but it still draws the eye. In my entirely objective opinion. Oh yes. Er… right let’s move on to some pictures.