Silence IS golden!

Well it’s been almost five months since I last wrote anything, so I must’ve crashed the car or the engine blew up or something, right? Wrong! I’ve had five months of glorious, trouble free Marcos motoring and it’s been fab, both for me and for anyone with shares in Shell, BP or Esso! I apologise to anyone who may have been checking this page for updates, and I really do appreciate your patience! I’ve got loads of photos to try & put up & some events to remenisce about, but no ‘guess what broke’ stories, sorry!

The other thing that has been taking up my time is the Marcos forum I set up last May! With over fifty members and thirty thousand visits so far I am delighted with it’s success and hope it’s proving useful to the various owners who use it.

I will update this page fully when I have my photos ready, and even complete my article on Le Mans 2002, particularly as we now have Le Mans 2003 all booked up!

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