Somebody stop me!

Things are pretty hectic on the car front at the moment. I am losing the company car next week (a BMW Compact I got off the used car list) & have lamentably come to the conclusion that ‘Man cannot live on Marcos alone’. Or at least, get to & from work/hockey in it. I have been agonising over a second car for the more moist moments in life (remember the Mantis luuuurves to aquaplane! And leaks too!), and having rejected ‘interesting’ cars like the Alfa 147 (reliability/service issues) may end up buying the beamer off the lease company. Alas this has coincided with a heft garage bill for the Marcos, so it’ll be Marmite & rice for supper until Christmas for me! I am pretty happy with the Mantis right now though, so the fat bill was worth it. Most of the work done has been to replace stuff that’s worn out, not broken. This is OK, ‘cos it was me that’s worn it out, driving round ‘n having fun!!!  I now have my upgraded front brakes to 315mm AP Racing discs, and replacement back brakes, trialling the EBC Greenstuff pads all round. Upgraded polyeurethane front and back suspension bushes. 100W main beam lights, and Philips VisionPlus dipped lights. Even a boot light! (something that will be most appreciated 0300 hours at Le Mans this year!)

I hope the Mantis is pretty well ready for Le Mans now. Having got so many other Marcos to come along, I have no intention for me to be the one to break down! (At least, not first). Mind you, as we have all round Marcos guru Dave Chivers coming along, help should not be too far/too many beers away. Next on the list of ‘fiddling’ is to reposition the front numberplate so that it does not impede the airflow so much. I will try & post some ‘before & after’ pictures, as I know that’s what my adoring public want. Probably…

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