Looking back at the start of this year, I read how cautious I was about the replacement engine from TopCats. I have to say that, almost a year down the line (admittedly without having done a vast mileage), everything seems to be running very smoothly. The engine is definitely thirsty compared to the original one, and by God it’s louder(!!!), but fingers crossed whatever caused the original engine to go is no longer happening & I can look forward to some trouble free, low-cost, motoring. I’ve another two years to go paying off the loan which financed the TC engine swap, so anything significant is basically going to take the car off the road which will be a crying shame. I’ve spent the last two months taking my two year old daughter to her nursery in the car, hood down, & she & I both absolutely love it! The weather has been dry (cold is not a problem! It’s rain we don’t like…) & even the nannies at the nursery find it quite amusing that she turns up in this amazing car! For me, for now, it’s something nice I’ve been able to do with someone from the family (even though I appreciate that she won’t remember it) & while I’ve still got the car, & can afford(ish) to drive it, & indeed am allowed to do so by this anti-car government of ours, then it’s wonderful. Amazing how much fun can be had in 1.5 mile of standing traffic.