Post Tatton… again

Tatton Park was fab! And… a full house! We had a slightly out-of-the-way pitch, behind the main copse in the display field at Tatton, but this proved rather fortuitous as the sunshine belted down & some shade was very welcome! One of the chaps who has two Marcos persuaded his brother to drive the second car down to the show, & another owner from Huddersfield, Yorkshire turned up out of the blue to give a nice round ten cars, & by accident rather than design, a nice range of cars from the different eras, with a mixture of Coupes & Spyders. Bob, the previous incumbent of the CMI Organiser for Cheshire/North West, had liberated some of the ‘Marcos’ branded boundary tape from the 50th down at Prescott, so the stand looked jolly posh! Roger & Mellanie Garland also kindly turned up to backfill a Mini-Marcos drop-out, & proceeded to unpack the most amazing amount of kit from the MM, including, if I can quite believe it, a table! Anyway, he had various old copies of Marcos car mags, plus some remnants of the 50th Souvenirs available like keyrings, mugs, clocks etc which were generally snapped up by his captive audience i.e. the rest of the Marcos owners. The Tatton Show organisers kindly awarded us the ‘Best Club Stand’ trophy, only to return very apologetically some minutes later to say that another stand had also won it. Now, our stand was a bit better than normal, but far short of the uber-stands that some of the clubs showcase (lawnmower, anyone?) so I suspect our award was something of a sop to the fact that 2009 was our 50th Anniversary, however it was a lovely gesture on the organiser’s part. The actual trophy was missing the engraved plate (hastily removed?) & I agreed to get one done myself… however, what to get? “Best Club Stand” is a bit boring… how about “Car we would most like to own – The TVR club”? Heh! Heh! OK, maybe not… <cough> Anyway, I must get some pictures added to this blog.