All weather vehicle?

Heavy snow in Cheshire, even this close to Manchester. So… the gritters are out, & away the Marcos goes. After the debacle with the chassis a couple of years ago, & despite being determined to keep on enjoying the Mantis in the wet, it seems prudent to keep it away from heavily salted roads. Lee has done far too good a job of fixing the chassis for me to ruin it now! However, now I actually have a house with its own garage, I can sneak out every now & then check it’s still there & still mine. Might even turn the engine over… OK no I won’t because someone recently told me it’s bad for it unless you go for a decent drive & get rid of all the condensation. But, it’s a nice thought. Snow never stays long where I live so I may get out again soon – maybe squeeze in a few more nursery runs before Crimbo?