CMI rally, Longleat

Just back from a very enjoyable CMI rally at Longleat. Predictably I never made it into the house itself, although I had every intention of doing so; I was too busy catching up with a few people & of course recruiting for the Forum. Once again I waived my almost certain first place in the concours by allowing some more needy soul to enter in my stead. Now I never thought I’d say this, but I also spent a very enjoyable half hour in the back seat of a Bentley with Lord Marsh!!! Steady on you lot…  Jem is apparently putting a ‘coffee table’ book together at the request of Tony Stelliga, the new owner of Marcos, & took the trouble to show me the material he had collected so far. Despite not being a petrol-head, there was plenty of interesting stuff in there, even to the casual browser, but Jem is keen to source more material, which we agreed might be possible through a mailshot to all Forum members. I am to receive a mail with the appropriate wording & then we will see what turns up. Being a shallow type of chap, I am hoping some more shots of the 1997 Motorshow turn up, where Marcos launched the Mantis with two very ‘gifted’ models gratuitously draped all over it. Mmmm… In the meantime there is this video from Men & Motors at the time