Ritual MOT trauma

MOT time & the Mantis has failed due to the handbrake not engaging on one of the wheels. I’ve also decided to buy the front damper modification kit from Marcos Heritage after they issued an alert about suspension failure. The gas struts for the bootlid fitted last year appear to be over specced & are shaking themsleves through the fibreglass lip of the boot surround. My garage have tightened up the nuts attaching them to the bodywork & added shaped washers to strengthen the bodywork, but it’s stil a tad annoying & more money to el Mechanico. Adding insult to injury the speedo stopped working on the way back from the MOT test & therefore the Mantis is all booked in again to have the transducer cleaned up, bush assembly & new handbrake cable fitted. The only good bit is that work is sufficiently manic atm that I am not missing out on anything, as I do not have time to go out & drive for fun in the evenings – I miss this. Ah well, only two weeks to go before the CMI annual rally at Longleat – everything must be fixed by then!