Rubber Buccaneer

Ordered new boots for the car today, to be fitted while the car is down at Redline. Having seriously considered the Continental Sport Contact 5s (which have trumped the other tyres in group tests last three years), I couldn’t get them in 265s for the rear so decided to go for latest generation of my current tyres; Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3s. Hoping the wet driving & braking has improved. 😉.

Also talked to Joe at Redline who’s working on the car (good chap!), who told me that Protech couldn’t supply new shocks for at least two months 😕, which is obviously no good for me as I need the car back. Shocks are pitted, but he’s agreed they will recon the existing piston rods & seals at no charge, & we’ll get the shocks done properly when the car is there next. The list has started already!

Did anyone get the D&G reference in the title? I suspect not… 😉