Hawkins & Son

I finally got the car down to Jeremy & Joe at Redline Sportscars today, with a long list of things to be done, top of the list being the two oil leaks. I was delighted to have my son along for company & having left Home about 0830 we made good time all the way down to Wilts, the only delays being motorway roadworks rather than traffic. The car behaved impeccably & I was glad to have a working stereo with 3.5 hours driving (not much scope for chatting with the top down & exhaust growling away!). We drove through the odd rain shower without complaint from his highness, even though there was enough water to fill up the door handle recesses… 😂

When we got to Redline it was a pleasant surprise to find many of the Essex group there as one of them was considering buying a car off Jeremy & had arrived mob handed with Marcos experts. The car looked lovely to me but the eagle eye of Mr Partridge spotted a few things of course. A sale was agreed however & nice to have another Marcos off to a new owner rather than languishing in a garage somewhere. My son liked the look of it too but tragically doesn’t get sufficient pocket money to afford a classic sports car aged 11 years.

Having fully briefed Joe we jumped on  train back to Wilmslow & were home just over 11 hours after leaving. Fingers crossed Joe doesn’t find anything major (or expensive!) & I can collect the car in a couple of weeks.