Thieving b******s

I got home from work yesterday only to discover that the bonnet badge had been stolen from my Mantis. 

At least the bonnet was not damaged, but a worry that this has happened at work in the ‘secure’ car park under the office. Inevitably none of the multitude of CCTV cameras covered the spot. Fortunately I have a spare but will need to replace it.


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Past the MOT hurdle

… or should that be Passed the MOT hurdle?! See what I did there? See what I did?…

Yes indeed, like the ‘difficult’ second album, this was the second MOT following the fitting of the new engine. I was slightly apprehensive as Jay did the first one when he put the LS3 (so obviously it passed – Duh!). Having invested in some CATs, how would it do on Emissions? I was also stuck as to where to take it to for the test itself, Cross Street Garage being persona non grata after the 2016 MOT test resulted in no engine(!). As luck would have it, a couple of chums at work recommended Altrincham Tyre & Exhaust, which I drive past on my way to & from work but had never realised did MOTs. Next day the appointment was made & as of this evening I have a shiny new MOT Certificate! Huzzah! (A couple of advisories on offside steering gaiter & handbrake but both very fixable). Very friendly staff – have I found a new local garage to fix things I wonder.