Wng Cmdr Hawkins

Result! My flying-jacket turns up from ! Having visited them in December & been measured up for the jacket, it had all gone quiet while they sourced a thick black sheepskin for me. In May I got a call telling me they had finally found a suitable skin in Iceland! I somehow knew I was going to get it in the middle of Summer, but who cares! It is truely fabulous & every time I try it on to show someone I break into a sweat after about 30 seconds, so I guess it will be warm enough come winter!

Throwing the towel in

OK, I drive around with the TC turned off all the time now 🙁

Just hit 8,000 miles since I bought the car! Good thing I didn’t get the limited mileage insurance deal, eh? A few niggly things wrong and of course it is still leaking like a sieve. My door handle seem to have a cob-on too.