Tis the season to be jolly…

Christmas day. House full of someone else’s family. Time to hit the road in the Mantis!

Three hours of random driving round Cheshire, through Macclesfield , past the (sadly closed) Cat & Fiddle over to Buxton in thick fog. Around the Derbyshire Dales, past Chatsworth, past Mam Tor through New Mills. A bit of cruising, a bit of festive overtaking… a bit of grinning!

When I got back home, the car was a bit grotty with some go-faster speed smears over the front of the bonnet so I decided to give it a quick wash. Half an hour later everything is shiny & time to drive the car a few yards into the garage. Nothing. Nil point. El zero. Even the second hand has stopped on the clock. My initial thought is fuse (but… everything?!?) however I can’t get into the fusebox because the special spring-loaded screws won’t unlock.

Not how I wanted to finish 2019 but the drive was great fun. Let’s hope I can have another one before too long, eh?!