The Caravans – my fav Neo-Rockabilly band

The Peacocks –  Brilliant Swiss Everything-a-billy band with a fantastic back catalogue and unpredictable set lists!

Nekromantix – Coffin bass! Download their cool video to ‘Gargoyles over Copenhagen’ here!

Frenzy – Steve Whitehouse might be a bald git but he’s still the best slapper out there!

Stray Cats/Brian Setzer – Inspirational. Hey, Brian bought me a beer at Dublin airport , & I haven’t had a thing to drink since! (Honest )

Guanabatz – Hope I look like that at 40!

Restless Neo-Rockabilly Legends; Back again…

Dave Vanian & The Phantom Chords

Demented Are Go – Zombie Punkabilly mayhem. Excellent!

Howlin’ Moon Doggies – Iffy name (hey, they’re Australian…), great music! Awesome slap bass sound.

Dead Kings – Psycho supergroup!

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