Music is an important part of my life – I miss listening to my music for the four plus hours a day that once was! Now I steal some time between work & family to listen when I can. I am mainly into Neo-Rockabilly & Psychobilly (what’s that?!), hence the hairstyle, the clothes, the odd tattoo and so on… Also, I get an excuse for having a thing about Bettie Page. Yum! Due to past misdemeanours I also have a soft spot for New Wave punk, The Stranglers & The Revillos/Rezillos!

If music is a big part of your life too then we’d probably get on. At least, I’d accept drinks off you!… I might not like your musical taste, but at least you have an opinion! Nothing turns me off more than people saying they ‘like a bit of everything’. Argh! They don’t mean that; they mean that they have no taste – an absence of taste, worse even than poor taste! And, surprise surprise, although they ‘like a bit of everything’, they never like my stuff. Well… life would be very boring if we were all the same, eh?

This page has some links for my favourite bands, some recent gig photos, and what I rate as a few of my ‘Top 10’s. If you violently disagree with my choice of tracks (Westlife fans need not apply!), why not mail me with your suggestion? I’ll give it a listen and if you’re right, well, I’ll update the list & credit you, plus you’ll have the deep satisfaction of having furthered my musical education. Of course, if you’re wrong you’ve wasted my valuable time & owe me a beer. And yes, I’ll travel…

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