Starter for ten

Result! Well, sort of. The starter is fine, the fault eventually being traced to a connection below the motor from the battery. As I understand it, the main lead from the battery is connected to the starter via a ring connector held on by a threaded nut & bolt. This nut had worked loose & the contact had started arcing onto the bolt, thus destroying the thread giving the nut even less to hold on to etc etc. To fix it, the bolt was re-coiled & another nut fitted, with the exotic addition of a vibration-proof washer to stop it happening again. Sometimes I wonder how Marcos produced such a beautiful car, charged £50K for the pleasure (worth every penny!) and then skimped on seven pence for an extra washer. Aaaargh! Anyway, it’s working again, and I am thinking ‘Phew – that nearly cost me a bucket load for a new starter but in the end it only cost me £xxx (censored) to get it fixed’. Is this how all Marcos owners end up thinking? Expect the worst & when that doesn’t happen you feel much better about ‘only’ spending some more money. Stupidly, with all the problems I had a few weeks ago not being able to start the car due to the dead battery, I had forgotten that I can bump start the car even without a starter. Instead I forked out for some guy to trailer the car in to the garage – Doh!. To make myself feel better I went out for a mega blast by myself; I had been pining for that lovely V8 burble for the last few days – and it was still sunny!!! A string of ‘Cor’s and ‘Wow’s from a gaggle of schoolboys make me feel much better about life! Thumbs up all round!

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