Should I stay or should I go

After (not) much pondering I have applied via CMI for tickets for this year’s Le Mans Classic. I am indulging in some Track Laps, which seem to get more eye-wateringly expensive each time, & a couple of Grandstand tickets at Dunlop. A minor fly in the ointment being that my best chum from Uni, Si, has had to back out of coming along. This is rather unfortunate as Si knows a lot more about cars than most & it’s always rather fun wandering around somewhere like Le Mans with a walking encyclopedia with you! 😁. I’d be equally delighted to go over with Doug who came along as a ‘Le Mans Virgin’ in 2014 & was great value as ever. However Doug has picked up a chiquatita since then & is no longer the sole decision maker… 😉.