Out with the old…

A cavernous space where the engine & transmission was… it’s the Flintstones!


And the missing items in question;


Given I’m still not sure exactly what ‘did for’ either of the Ford engines, I’m not comfortable with the idea of selling it as a runner, but it should be a decent source for spares. I am also hoping to be able to recoup something from the gearbox/transmission & s/s exhaust

And this is what the young pretender looks like, still on the pallet;

Chatting to Jay about progress I was delighted to discover the exhausts will be done by JP Exhausts in Macclesfield. JP did the previous system which was excellent.

On a related note… tickets for Le Mans 24 hour 2017 arrived today. Whoohoo! That’s parking, entrance & grandstand sorted – I just need to figure out how to get there now! Someone has organised a tour of the old Grand Prix circuit starting at 1000 hours on the Thursday which sounds like good fun but does mean getting there a bit earlier than normal.