Not quite according to plan

Back home from MHS two days earlier than planned, without the Mantis & not sure whether I’m keeping the car or not. What a complete yesterday was. Just totally un--believable.

I got down to MHS about 1000 hours, left the car with them & borrowed the current courtesy car (the new Mini-Marcos! In ‘can-be-seen-from-space’ yellow no less!). Thirty minutes later my mobile goes & although I ignore it the first few times eventually I decided it must be urgent so I pull over & take the call. It’s Rory at MHS & he says… “I think you’d better come & see this”. So, I turn around & half an hour later I’m walking towards the door to the MHS workshop with a sombre looking Rory. I am perplexed. At least, I am until Rory walks up to the Mantis & puts his finger through the chassis side rail, then repeats this on the other side of the car. Oh . “You’ve got a problem”. Yup – even I can see that & I know eff all about cars. Rory then kindly points out that the floor panels have also corroded & that the carpets can be seen from underneath the car. Fab.


“You need a new chassis & floor pans Oliver. This car shouldn’t be driven again in its current state.”

“I can see that! Um… what’s that going to cost, Rory?”

“£10K + VAT & it will be the first Mantis we’ve had to replace the chassis on. It’s like rebuilding the car”

Cue 3 nanosecond pause while I think if I have won the lottery recently. I haven’t.

“Haven’t got £10K at the moment Rory. Can I leave it here?”

“Course you can.”

“Thanks. Any chance of a lift to the station?”

… and that was it. (I got the lift!). The unexpected train journey home was a pensive one. Wonder what the hell to do now.