Music to my ears

So the trusty Nakamichi Amp has finally bitten the dust after many years of service. After a few hours hanging around the coffee shops of the A6, the Mantis now has a new head unit & CerwinVega B52 Class D Amp, courtesy of Manchester Car Audio. The HU is a top-of-the-range Alpine unit with DAB+ but… I prefer my old 2008 Alpine unit which has a better (higher resolution) display. I probably need to get used to the new unit, that’s all. Sound quality is first class & the Bluetooth phone functions are impressive; making/receiving phone calls was remarkably good using the Alpine supplied mike which was installed between the dash panels. On the downside, the DAB isn’t working which is a bit frustrating – it looks like the heated front screen is killing the signal off. Heigh ho! Phil at MCA is looking into alternatives, possibly mounted the DAB aerial on the rollbar. In the meantime since… October last year?… I have some music to listen to in the car, with the added bonus that about 40% of the passenger footwell has been reclaimed when the Nakamichi amp went. Marvellous!