More tea, vicar?

Snow gone for a couple of weeks now, despite the occasional day-time flurry, so a trip out in the Marcos is planned in the very near future. Battery has been topped back up using a fancy CTek Battery Conditioner, so assuming nothing split during the cold spell, then it’s oil check then off we go! In the meantime, planning to be done for the Le Mans Classic 2010 trip at the start of July. I was hoping to go over with Caz & his supercharged LM500, but having had to sell his beautifully restored Plymouth (which he took to LMC in 2008), he is now being royally shafted by the CRB who are taking months to process him before he can start a new job, so things are a bit up in the air for him. Amazing how many people in this country sit on their arse & do no work while Government departments dish out money to them, then when you find yourself a job & <gasp> want to start earning money again, another Government department stops you. Anyway, I digress, & clearly political blogging is not my forte… In short, now trying to decide who to travel to LMC with, & where from (Hull->Zeebrugge, or south coast ferry / Eurotunnel). Que slightly apprehensive checking of Credit Card limits etc. Ha! Ha! I do prefer to travel in a small group – just love that long, slow bend moment when three of four Marcos curve away in front of you, & you can see another three of four in the mirror. Cool! Anyway, one bit is sorted & that’s staying at Chateaux Morrison a few miles from Le Mans along with like-minded (but significantly more knowledgeable!) Marcos owners – I had a brilliant time there last time & expect it to be just as much fun this time round.

No tea & no vicar but couldn’t think of a title today. Sorry!