Getting unstuck

Niggling doubts as to the functioning of the traction control have led to a trip down to Racelogic in Bucks (God, I’m nosey!), who identified a possible issue with the dashboard mounted adjuster, which appeared to have been damaged during fitting (not by them I hasten to add). They quickly sorted everything out & after some explanation of how everything worked from Racelogic’s MD, Julian Thomas (a thoroughly nice chap) I was merrily sliding my way round muddy corners in the industrial estate, no worries. Then again, it’s not quite the same when your back end goes on a T-junction & you’re not expecting it, eh? Anyway, I also took the opportunity of having Racelogic fit their Launch Control which I haven’t yet had a play with, but am looking forward to. Plenty of traffic lights on the way to work… Heh! Heh!

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