Getting some traction

Today I took the Mantis to RC Developments in Warrington who are the nearest Racelogic dealers. They had the car for three hours & confirmed that the TC kicked in regardless of external factors at anything over 2000rpm, that the mapping was crap & that the signal from the sensors was intermittent. So… it’s shagged then. They will need it for a whole day to confirm that the hardware is OK & to remap the Racelogic box & check sensor wiring etc etc. However! About a mile from their place on the way back into work the engine started misfiring heavily, got worse then eventually cut out. Wouldn’t restart. restarted then wouldn’t idle. Normally I would point the finger at the TC but it was turned off! Called RC Developments anyway but they were (predictably) confident it was nothing that they had done. Now worried as engine was totally reliable before . Car died in several exciting places (across a T-junction, in front of some Traffic Police, etc etc) but nursed it back home to the garage. Que phone call to Eddie at Cross St garage!