First Tatton Park show of the year

Just back from a very successful car show at Tatton Park today. Eight of the ten Marcos expected made it, meeting at a new location (closer to the show venue) the car park of the White Swan in Bucklow Hill. While this was more convenient for everyone than the old meet location, what I hadn’t banked on first thing on a Sunday morning was some geezer & his mate turning up in a tricked up Eurobox (Punto?), straight from two days of clubbing, spaced out of his mind & everyone’s best friend! However drugged up he was he (a) didn’t offer to share any and (b) twigged that the cars were something special. After offering one of our group £250,000 for his yellow supercharged Mantis (a reasonable offer but his credit did not look good!) him & his mate decided they would scrounge a lift in a Marcos each, into the show! When we got there they eventually realised they had a good mile plus walk back to their own vehicle, but at least they had fun! No way they should be driving like that though…

The weather was great & with Marcos owners travelling to the show from as far away as Hull, Essex and Bath, I was quite relieved! The show organisers have given us a new spot at the end of the first main row of clubs, & we were able to park the cars in a nice crescent. This also allowed the public to see us from three sides, which was nice.


The yellow supercharged Mantis with its huge racing wing got most of the attention, followed by one of the Tatton regulars, a red LM500 from Todmorton, with it’s shy, retiring owner (yeah right!). For the first time the show organisers had created awards for the Marcos marque, with two categories; early (Mantula) & late (LM500) models – quite flattering & I guess this must mean they take us seriously now! I am quite chuffed by this as I have built up the attendance from a couple of cars to double figures (following on the from the years of good work from young Mr Knott!) To top it all we even got a mention in the July Classic & Sportscar on p164


Not to be outdone (reference to the adjacent TVR stand), Marcos Owners’ Club alongside included a wild, Quad Cam Mantis

Although obviously I’m a bit upset about the fact that mine was parked right next to the yellow supercharged one & didn’t get a mention! Plus the club was CMI not the MOC – how can you miss those 20ft banners?!