First Le Mans 24 hour

My first Le Mans. Wow! Just how cool is that event? (it seems unfair to just call it a race!). Much too much to put in this diary, so if you want to read/see just how fab it was, go here! Special thanks to the TIPEC boys for having me along though.

Now, are you waiting again for me to say something went wrong on the car? Hmm? Admit it! There was a lot of driving, right? (1200+ miles) Well… it did! Yaaaaay! The engine was mega-sweet the whole trip, & the manual cooling fan worked beautifully, but the nearside windscreen trim started to peel away on the way back. Some swift work with some duck tape by my passenger Si sorted this out (Si has a court order banning him from ever keeping Hamsters as pets, but he carries the Duck tape for old times sake… Heh! Heh!) OK, I’m so vain we then covered the Duck tape with black insulating tape to make it look better! What can I say? Anyway, this got me back from France fine. Subsequent investigation revealed that the screen had been put in using silicon filler, which had reacted with the bonding material & caused it to fail, so the windscreen is no longer sitting properly in the car. Marcos Heritage only fitted the screen last Autumn, so we will see whats what – suffice to say I am getting a little jacked off in that particular area.

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