Curborough… finally!

After 18 years I finally made it to Curborough Sprint course. It was a roasting day today as my daughter & I sweltered down the M6 through the omnipresent 50 mph restricted speed. Got to the track eventually (3rd time lucky… and that was just because I followed Graham Bennion going in the opposite direction! 🤣) in time to watch a few cars go round before everyone broke for lunch. Eventually after I had signed away my life (& so had Tilly!) we joined the queue of cars waiting to go on the track. The format was a familiarisation lap then a couple when you go for it. I had Tilly with me & no budget for repairs (!) so no risk of breaking any lap records today but good fun all the same. I also got to see a bunch of great friends from the Marcos community (including Topper Preece who made the Mantis models), & much to Tilly’s disgust, have a chat.

The journey back was uneventful (but sadly no Marcos convoy travelling north). The car is developing a whining noise which tracks speed, so I will need to get that looked at. First I have topped up the power steering fluid, as recommended by Debbie Morrison. We’ll see this week going to Liverpool & back if that fixes it. In the meantime the big question is… Did I beat Richard Partridge at Curborough? (For the slowest time that is 😛)