Cheshire meet

I still need to get the diff seal replaced so not jumping into the car at every opportunity as I normally would in the summer. That said, I went to a local classic car meet this evening. It was held at the Plough & Flail in Mobberley. I wasn’t aware of it previously so not sure how long it has been going. Basically a bunch of local owners parked up in the pub car park, having a chat & wandering around looking at each other’s cars.

An eclectic mix of old, new & very new.

There was a complete mix of cars (perhaps 20 or so?). Mainly Porsches including a couple of models I had never seen. Cheshire money! 🤣 I had a decent chat with a few owners & had some nice comments about the Mantis, which are always appreciated. I left after a couple of hours, with a pleasant drive home through Mobberley.