Chassis update

Just got back from a trip to see the Old Man in Henley (filial duty & all that), which I cunningly combined with a going to see the Mantis at the workshop in Warminster. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been pining for her these last few months (despite the grim weather), & of course it was an opportunity to meet Lee in person. What a thoroughly nice chap! He certainly knows what he’s doing with the car, although it was a bit disconcerting to see it without any floorpans… He has done a splendid job of welding new sections, & has even managed to use 3mm stainless sections, rather than the 1.5mm mild steel sections used by the factory (Grrrrr…). I guess this means some extra weight, but frankly who cares – I’m not racing it, or even getting any track time in it. The main thing is I can put the threat of rust at the back of my mind for a few years. Lee seems to be uber thorough which is a delight to hear; he is planning to use 129 rivets on each floorpan! We discussed what to do with the rest of chassis that is sound, but requires some sort of protection, & has been looking pretty scruffy for some time. Lee agreed to scrape down & paint the rest of the chassis (bar removing the engine) for a reasonable sum, so I’m going with that. I don’t habitually pop the bonnet at car shows, but it will be nice not to wince when I do!