Battery trouble

Arse! And double arse! The battery has assumed Pythonesque parrot status once again. All lights, fans etc definitely off in the car, but again I have not driven it for 3 weeks & it has been sub zero temps for a few days around the New year. Time to ring Marcos Heritage & ask for clues! Some suggestions from Rory, finishing off with the very kind offer to sell me an Optima battery for about six million pounds. I have checked these out & am debating whether I want to pay for something that can apparently launch the Space Shuttle. (And they come in different colours too, kids!) Also discover that Joe Cubitt has left MH to work with Jem’s son Chris Marsh on his new sportscar project. This is a major bummer from my point of view as Joe was generally a very nice chap & knew everything about the later cars. Anyway, he’s probably having more fun now, so good luck to him.

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