Circuits & no bumps

Today is Day 3 of this year’s trip to the Le Mans Classic. After a longish drive yesterday, today was our first full day at Le Mans. After fuelling up (again) the convoy of Marcos left Neuvillette-en-Charnie & headed towards the circuit where we would join the other Marcos owners on the club display. This year saw a much improved location for the stand; we were lining the Bugatti Circuit which meant that all the cars coming off the main LM circuit went past us, which was pretty cool.


Apart from checking out the stand prior to tomorrow’s race, the other big event today was a couple of laps of the Le Mans circuit itself in the Mantis. As ever the organisation was chaotic! It’s always a rush as you line up to go onto the circuit & head off between the stands, but this year I was off the hook slightly as passenger, with Doug in the driving seat. I’d not managed to pull over & swap seats on the 2014 trip so I’ve owed him some laps for the last two years. Payback time!




It gave me a great opportunity to look around the circuit as we drove round – there always another quirk to spot!


As ever the laps were over too quickly, & we soon found ourselves parking up on the Club Stand where more cars had materialised. Nice to see a lot of Mini Marcos together as well, gathered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mini Marcos that raced at LM24 in 1966 & was the only British car to finish. Fantastic!

This evening we’re back in Neuvillette-en-Charnie for some slap up nosh from Debbie & more Marcos banter. The fridge has magically refilled itself (thanks Darren!), the sun is out and… well… life is good!