Gawsworth… Not

Well, that didn’t go as planned! Raining when I left for Gawsworth Hall Youngtimers show this morning, but hood down & indeed the rain stopped a few minutes later. Having got the other side of Hale Barns I realised I had forgotten my entrance tickets & went home to pick them up.

Unused. Grrr…

Half a mile into the second journey the coolant boiled over & dumped onto the A538 with the engine going into “Protected Mode”. Really rather disappointing given how good the car has been recently. Anyway, six litres of water later (courtesy of a very nice, patient householder on Hale Road!) & some engine checks using the Torque ODB2 app I limped back home again.

My trusty ODB2 sender. I might not have a clue what’s going on with the engine, but it does!

No idea what happened or why, but decided against trying for Gawsworth a third time. A shame as, apart from catching up with other owners, I was really looking forward to seeing the Morrison’s LM following the conversion from a Spyder to a Coupe & the respray. Knowing Debbie & Darren it will be immaculate. And very purple!