Cracking me up

A beautiful morning in Manchester & with the missing trim having now arrived with National Windscreens, another go at fitting the new screen.

The crack has been sneaking down the current windscreen (since October last year I think? 🤔) so this is good timing before taking the car to the Gold Cup at Oulton Park on Sunday.

“Before”… The poorly screen

Once again the National Windscreens team were first class, talking through the fitting in detail and checking over the car.


Went to National Windscreens this morning to have the cracked screen replaced. New screen was there but no sign of the rubber T-piece trim so the installation was cancelled. Seem like a nice bunch at the Trafford depot of National Windscreens, & happy to take their time to do a proper job which suits me! 👍

Not a fan

Just picked the car up after the cooling fans stopped working again. Unfortunately the contact in the junction block fitted last week by the auto electrician was not a good one, & the resultant power surges melted the Fan relay holder. In the absence of a spare relay holder which fits into the existing modular block, the relay has been wired direct which gets the car back on the road. Something to revisit at a later date however.

It’s been nine weeks since I contacted National Windscreens for a replacement screen as the crack in mine is slowly getting bigger. No outlook on when it may arrive so getting worried it may not be done before the 60th Anniversary at Wroxall in July. The supplier of course could only be Marcos Heritage Spares, so I phoned Rory who explained that Pilkington had moved their manufacturing out to Finland & were having logistics problems. Mine is one of 12 screens he is waiting for from up to four months ago, which is not great! Fingers crossed….

D’oh! Putting stuff off…

So, back in October I mentioned that the windscreen had developed a crack in it. As it had stabilised at about 6″ & is obscured by the rear view mirror so not in line of sight, it was a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Or at least, it was until the first car show of 2019 is looming. Yesterday I finally gave the insurance company a call & went through to their supplier, National Windscreens. Had I thought about it I would have realised they don’t carry any stock & lo, they have contacted Marcos Heritage Spares to source one from Rory. This is reassuring as it means it should be kosher… however I had not bargained on a 6-8 week lead time so may not have the new screen before the first Tatton Park show on June 2nd. D’oh! I gather Pilkington make these to order & it is now done outside the UK (gulp! 😮 ). Fingers crossed then, & that National Windscreens can install it without any issues. Not sure how successful the transfer of the treasured windscreen stickers from Windsor Castle, Le Mans & so on will go. Plus the Dashcam will need transferring.