Gawsworth… Not

Well, that didn’t go as planned! Raining when I left for Gawsworth Hall Youngtimers show this morning, but hood down & indeed the rain stopped a few minutes later. Having got the other side of Hale Barns I realised I had forgotten my entrance tickets & went home to pick them up.

Unused. Grrr…

Half a mile into the second journey the coolant boiled over & dumped onto the A538 with the engine going into “Protected Mode”. Really rather disappointing given how good the car has been recently. Anyway, six litres of water later (courtesy of a very nice, patient householder on Hale Road!) & some engine checks using the Torque ODB2 app I limped back home again.

My trusty ODB2 sender. I might not have a clue what’s going on with the engine, but it does!

No idea what happened or why, but decided against trying for Gawsworth a third time. A shame as, apart from catching up with other owners, I was really looking forward to seeing the Morrison’s LM following the conversion from a Spyder to a Coupe & the respray. Knowing Debbie & Darren it will be immaculate. And very purple!

Blog V3.0

So, after the first generation ‘diary’ of owning a Mantis, hosted as basic Web pages on site way back in 2000, then moving to the second generation WordPress site at, we are now at the third generation of this record of owning a Marcos Mantis sports car, hosted on the newly acquired domain. Hopefully this will improve the search engine rankings & drive a few more visitors here. Whilst it can be very therapeutic to post, I do like to think some bugger is actually reading this every now & then. 🤔🤣