Trip to the beach

After 15 plus years of holidaying in Abersoch & seeing lots of Mclarens, Lambos and, er, Defenders, I finally got to take the Mantis over there! ️ It was just for the weekend but top down there & back, weather was decent. I even got to park in my chums drive. (often home to some expensive motors…)

Wedding bells

The Mantis was finally used for a wedding… after 20 years! 藍 Transporting the disappointingly relaxed groom to his fate. Just to be clear, he was the passenger. I haven’t rushed into anything yet, dear friends. 

And they said the Mantis couldn’t get any noisier.

Back to Chariots

So, the mystery of the bonnet… After a few phone calls, many photos & much pondering, the Mantis was picked up today to go back down to Chariots. I am relieved.

Cunningly disguised as a caravan?
Tucked up for a comfortable trip back down south.

The car is meant to be at a wedding on Thursday so should be interesting! However, if anyone can, Jay can!