Gave a recommended local auto-electrician a try & he has fixed the cooling fans (corrosion on junction box behind rad & underneath fan belt) & daylight running lights (earth disconnected in wiring by controller). Result! Just need to wait for the rain to stop now! 🤣☔🙄


So having been told by the Tatton Show organisers that they were short of privateer entries for their June show, & to apply in lieu of our usual club stand… I got rejected!
It is with great regret that we have to decline your kind offer to display your 1997, Marcos, Mantis. We have received such an overwhelming response from people who would like to display their vehicle at the show that we are full to capacity and cannot accept any more.

And on my birthday too! 😭🙄😢.

On the bright side… at least four of the other Marcos owners have been accepted so at least there will be a Marcos presence.


Beautiful weather & not driven the Mantis for a few days so decided to nip over to Stockport this afternoon & the 🤬ing cooling fans aren’t kicking in. Cue 90 minutes in a McDonald’s car park trying to figure out what’s going on. The mega-fuses are all fine & can’t see any loose wires. The ever awesome Torque confirmed the temperature gauge is reporting true. Argh. 🙄😠😡.

Finally let the engine cool down then made it home with the interior fan maxed out. On the bright side nothing boiled over! But… the weather is stunning… I really want to have the car running. Bugger. Bugger. Bugger.

D’oh! Putting stuff off…

So, back in October I mentioned that the windscreen had developed a crack in it. As it had stabilised at about 6″ & is obscured by the rear view mirror so not in line of sight, it was a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Or at least, it was until the first car show of 2019 is looming. Yesterday I finally gave the insurance company a call & went through to their supplier, National Windscreens. Had I thought about it I would have realised they don’t carry any stock & lo, they have contacted Marcos Heritage Spares to source one from Rory. This is reassuring as it means it should be kosher… however I had not bargained on a 6-8 week lead time so may not have the new screen before the first Tatton Park show on June 2nd. D’oh! I gather Pilkington make these to order & it is now done outside the UK (gulp! 😮 ). Fingers crossed then, & that National Windscreens can install it without any issues. Not sure how successful the transfer of the treasured windscreen stickers from Windsor Castle, Le Mans & so on will go. Plus the Dashcam will need transferring.