Too hot to handle

Broke down on the M62 today after getting very hot queuing for about 30 mins. Engine was stuttering & losing power, so possible fuel problem although about ¹ⁿ litres in the tank. Managed to coast up the slip road of Junction 20 but stopped where there was no hard shoulder which is a bit scarey when the lorries go past! The Mantis restarted after 10 minutes but only got a couple of hundred yards before stopping again at the top of the slip road. No luck restarting. Thanks to the Traffic Police who turned up about 20 minutes later & pushed me over the roundabout to a side road. Hot work! 🌞 😎 ☀️

Very nice chap from The AA, Chris, turned up early, confirmed fuel pressure & of course the car then started & idled fine. Filled up with fuel at Lymm Truck Stop then headed back home followed by The AA, arriving without mishap. So… Problem unknown, guessing heat related. Really need to get the extra vents put into the bonnet.

Another ‘not dull’ day of Marcos ownership! 🤣

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Getting into Diff-iculty.

Trip to the local garage to get the offside steering gaiter replaced , after the heads up during the MOT. Unfortunately the whining sounds like it is the differential, which is a BTR limited slip from a Holden. I will need to decide whether to have it reconditioned or to get a new one (no idea what they cost or availability). Either way the car will have to be off the road for a few days at least in the near future.

I also finally got round to talking to Jay about the cooling. Why?… With both fans on, there is substantial airflow from both wheel arches. The kidney grills at the rear of the bonnet are too hot to touch even in Winter & at slow speeds.

So… How to get more heat away from the engine?

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Curborough… finally!

After 18 years I finally made it to Curborough Sprint course. It was a roasting day today as my daughter & I sweltered down the M6 through the omnipresent 50 mph restricted speed. Got to the track eventually (3rd time lucky… and that was just because I followed Graham Bennion going in the opposite direction! 🤣) in time to watch a few cars go round before everyone broke for lunch. Eventually after I had signed away my life (& so had Tilly!) we joined the queue of cars waiting to go on the track. The format was a familiarisation lap then a couple when you go for it. I had Tilly with me & no budget for repairs (!) so no risk of breaking any lap records today but good fun all the same. I also got to see a bunch of great friends from the Marcos community (including Topper Preece who made the Mantis models), & much to Tilly’s disgust, have a chat.

The journey back was uneventful (but sadly no Marcos convoy travelling north). The car is developing a whining noise which tracks speed, so I will need to get that looked at. First I have topped up the power steering fluid, as recommended by Debbie Morrison. We’ll see this week going to Liverpool & back if that fixes it. In the meantime the big question is… Did I beat Richard Partridge at Curborough? (For the slowest time that is 😛)

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