Cool news

No sign of the SamCo coolant hoses still but the AirCon is now plumbed in & running. Coming in at -2 °C which is as good as it’s ever been. After a passing remark from comment from Jay about the blower I am hoping he will have time to update that from the 80’s technology currently used. Nice!

In the meantime I had the leather re-Connollised as there’s no sign of Muirhead offering the original straw leather again in the near future. I am looking forward to seeing it in person but in the meantime this picture shows a big difference from the interior I handed over back in November last year.

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LS3 first run

Potentially good news on the Racing Green Samco hoses which may now arrive next week instead of in three weeks. In the meantime Jay has fitted some of the standard Samco blue hoses and… started the engine!


OK, so Jay needs to spend some of his hard earned cash on a phone with a better camera but… that looks great and (although the exhaust doesn’t seem to protrude from the back at all) sounds… well, greater!


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Hosed down

Good stuff: Booked our room at the Holiday Inn Ashford on the way down to Le Mans in June.

Bad stuff: The Samco coolant hoses won’t be ready until 07-April, pushing the collection date back almost a month.


JP Exhausts have finally finished making up the manifold & exhaust! I hared over to see the car before it was collected by Stuart from Chariots (who left Clayhill at 0330 hours to get up to Macclesfield, poor chap!). The car was sitting in the workshop and to my surprise (& slight concern) the exhaust was laid out next to it. Yikes! Had it fallen off already?  Did something not fit? Fortunately it turned out to be a second system commissioned by Chariots for Jay’s Mantis… And my friends, it was a thing of beauty!

After a good peer at the unassembled system, it was time to have a look at one in-situ. Kyle kindly raised the car on the ramp to allow me a good look at his handiwork. Apparently getting the manifold around the steering column was a real bitch & took over a day and a half by itself. Very nice, thinks I.

Definitely a big bore system in my book! It looked stunning in virgin stainless steel, & amazingly Kyle had managed to keep it higher than the bottom of the engine, which means the Mustang engine/exhaust set up was lower. Well done that man! 😎.

Look at that manifold. Automotive art that is! 😉

Unfortunately the drooling had to come to an end as I needed to start work, which consisted of jumping in the Pug parked outside JP, cranking up my laptop & dialling into the first of several teleconferences. 90 minutes later I had a break between (but also hyperthermia!) which allowed me to pop back into JP’s office to pay up. In the meantime Stuart had turned up & pinched the car to head back down south. Oh well! Hopefully I will be able to pick it up in a fortnight. In the meantime I will send Jay some pictures of his new exhaust system… it would be cruel to make him wait another five hours for the flatbed to get back!