Tatton Park May 2015

Pretty moist start to the day but as forecast to be fair. Three dropouts for various reasons left a turn out of eight cars at The Swan just before 0900 hours. We went in convoy to our allocated pitch which was a new one for us, next to the Jags & conveniently opposite an ice cream van. Yay!


The weather was pretty grim through the morning with only the hardiest punters strolling around the club displays in their waterproofs & umbrellas. Things brightened up in the afternoon though & we got a decent footfall past the stand with a lot of people stopping for a chat.


I was also delighted to see one of my work colleagues,  Geoff, drop by. Geoff built & owned a Marcos back in the 80s & was recently reunited with the marque when he helped push my Mantis in the car park at work!

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So the fuse box got melted a couple of weeks ago… 


Yes,  that lump of yellow plastic is the Ignition fuse! Many phone calls to the likes of Guru Chivers et al have revealed that the original fuse box is no longer available so a Plan B is required which I am now discussing with Joe Cubitt, who I trust with the Mantis electrics.