Salt Lake City

Well as the family are elsewhere this Easter & the weather is dry (but cold!), I thought I ought to go out in the Marcos. I don’t get to drive it for fun anything like as much as I used to, so grabbed the car keys & headed out to… Well, hadn’t actually decided when I left Alty but found myself heading out to Macclesfield, so it made sense to head up to the Cat & Fiddle over the A41. Beautiful day, lots of sunshine & snow. Snow?! Yup I hadn’t bargained for the snow either side of all the roads in the Peaks, & therefore a lot of salt on the road still. Decided to ignore it & enjoy the drive however. Enjoyed a pint by the fire at the C&F, had a chat to some bikers (even colder than me! Nutters!) then decided to go & see a chum of mine in Glossop, so went via Buxton. Such a great drive on the A41 but riddled with average speed cameras now, so hard to relax (I will be keeping an eye on the post for the next few weeks…). Mantis was behaving itself immaculately & I arrived in Glossop all too soon. The ploughed snow made all the roads about two feet narrower so overtaking was ‘interesting’ mind you! Anyway, while catching up with my chum Gary we worked out that a friend of his (‘PJ’ on the Marcos Forum) is the chap who bought the green Mantis with the gold wheels that was down at Redline when my car was having the engine furtled with. It looked fab so it will be interesting to hear how Pual has found owning it – hope he is getting as much out of owning a Mantis as I do! Will find out at Tatton Park as he’s coming along. Anyway, drive back in the dark, hood down & lots of nice wintery smells to spice up the journey. Car was covered in salt (sob!) so I hosed it down as best I could but conscious it’s the chassis that is most at risk so in Waxoyl we trust. A great day driving for driving’s sake.

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I love my commute!

Bah! Still no takers for the CARFEST North show & I can’t attend myself. I get the impression our glorious leader at CMI is (understandably) a bit miffed at the underwhelming response. You wouldn’t think Marcos owners were the most obvious shy types!

On the bright side it looks like at least one Marcos is going to be exhibiting at the Passion for Power show in Manchester’s Event City. Well done to Mr Barlow says I! Flying the Marcos flag in the North.

School runs & commute in the Mantis today. Glorious. Glorious. Glorious. Fine weather & all running well on the car. I have succumbed to contacting the car detailer to see what can be done with the Mantis prior to Jem’s birthday bash & of course, with a view to staying shiny through both Tatton Park shows & the odd annual rally! Time to get that kidney on eBay…