Happy Christmas from Edale

Shot off to Edale for a Crimbo walk. No snow but this probably made the driving a bit safer! The Marcos is behaving perfectly & started first time, so the battery is fine (phew!). Fantastically crisp air reminds me why I love being out with the top down in Winter, however this is slightly marred by the hyperthermia induced by my ‘Christmas special’ haircut, which is even shorter than usual (how do you get shorter than #0?). The handling is noticeably better with the fully-treaded Bridgestones at the back, so I feel smug!

Oh… and Happy Christmas of course!

Powerless to act

Aaarrrghhh! Dead battery. No idea why. No lights left on (I even remembered to check the interior one), no fans, even the alarm is disabled when it’s garaged (it is secured by other means…) so I’m buggered if I know what’s going on here. Anyway, it jump-started first time & after a 20 minute run into Manchester was fine for the rest of the day. I haven’t driven it for, what, 3 weeks maybe? Surely the battery can’t flatten in 4 weeks? Watch & wait on this one I think.